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20+ Years Experience
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Based in Melbourne, Victoria
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This candidate is a highly experienced and accomplished Tech Partnership lead with over 21 years of experience. They have a proven track record of generating new business, managing key programs, and coaching high-performing sales teams. With a demonstrated ability to engage senior client executives and establish long-lasting relationships, this candidate is skilled at showcasing product and service strengths to both Fortune 500 organizations and small businesses.

Their qualifications and highlights include being selected as Amazon's first-ever Engagement Manager for Brand Registry, where they created the program from scratch and streamlined the onboarding process for new Brand enrolments. They also have a strong background in analysing market and industry trends, identifying business opportunities, and crafting strategies to accelerate growth.

This candidate has a Six Sigma White Belt certification and is skilled in contract negotiation, operations management, and strategy.

Their achievements include growing revenue by $10M in 2016 alone and delivering nearly $20M in revenue growth in each year of their tenure with National Purchasing Partners. They also have a reputation for driving $50M in revenue growth, managing several Fortune 500 accounts, and attaining the #1 ranking for e-commerce transactions in the West Area with Verizon Wireless.

With a strong focus on partnership management and business development, this candidate is a valuable asset to any organisation. Their skills in sales, strategy, and customer service make them an ideal candidate for a Tech Partnership lead role.

Updated: Jun 10th, 2024 - 1 month ago
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As a senior IT recruitment specialist with over a decade of experience in tech, marketing, and sales, I am passionate about connecting talented professionals with top-notch companies in the tech sector. With my extensive network of contacts and in-depth knowledge of the I.T industry, I have helped numerous organisations build their IT teams with exceptional talent.

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